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—A-Z Christian Mission—
This mission is located in Zimbabwe. We support the
young American man and his family who live there. They
teach the natives in their own language and give them
Bibles to carry with them. The natives then go back to the
area where they live and then they become the teachers.
These people are very open to the words of the Lord.
—Boise Bible  College—
This mission is starting their 70th year of teaching those who God has
called to serve Him. They educate in all areas one could want to serve,
preachers, youth ministers, music ministers and evangelists. During the
summer months, the students go out on missions to various places in the
world and share their knowledge.
—Christian Children's Ranch—
This mission serves "throw away kids' and teaches them what it is to
have a home and family, to love the Lord, and how to be God-fearing
adults as they enter the real world. They have house parents, so the kids
live in a home environment.  They experience love in action, and work
together as a unit. This year they graduated two students who will start
fall semester at Boise Bible College.
International Disaster Emergency Service. This organization collects
funds from donations to help work in disaster areas. It is a non-profit
organization based in Kempton, Indiana. They went to the Missouri
area to assist in the disaster left by the Joplin tornado, and the flooding
on the Mississippi. They also went to Haiti, Japan, Chile for the
devastating damaged earthquake regions
Our CD ministry is a free ministry.  If you would like to receive a
free CD of Sunday's sermon, send a note with your snail mail
address on it, and we will do our best to ship it out to you within
one week.  
Valley Christian Church believes in Mission Giving.
If you are led to be a part of any of our Missions
please feel free to call 928-758-2699 or go to the
contact page and leave us an e-mail.